One of the roles of government is to promote the state’s economy to stimulate long-term growth. As a professor of business and economics, this is a topic I have knowledge of and teach. In my judgment, the most effective way a state representative can create jobs is to fight high taxes and unnecessary regulations. In addition, lawmakers need to formulate and support public policies that will:

  • Encourage business start-ups
  • Support existing businesses in Arizona and help them to expand
  • Entice businesses in other states to relocate to Arizona
  • Promote sustained economic growth

Manufacturing, ranching, agricultural, and mining are some of the industries that are important to our economy and thus need to be supported and promoted.


I support low taxes.  Government should tax only enough to run an efficient and effective state government and not for frivolous pork-barrel spending.


It is important that lawmakers develop a balanced budget each fiscal year that does not include wasteful spending.  My experience in working with accounting/budgets includes having taught accounting at the college level, developing budgets when I was a small business owner, and developing budgets for school programs while I was earning my school principal certificate. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy working with numbers.


Some items in education I am passionate about:

  • Ensuring our students learn how to read, write, do math, and become financially literate.
  • Providing additional school funding from the state budget

We need to prepare our students for college, vocational school, the workforce, or the military.  While I am a fan of a four-year college degree, in my opinion, it is not for everyone. There are plenty of professions that require only an associate’s degree or vocational certificate that young people can train for that teach in-demand skills and pay well. For example, one can complete a two-year degree at a community college in nursing or a certificate in heating & air conditioning, get out into the workforce, make a good living, and not be overburdened with student loan debt. Nevertheless, we need to ensure we adequately equip our young people for their futures.  The best way to adequately equip our k-12 students is to ensure that they learn how to read, write, do math, and become financially literate. 

Arizona ranks among the worst in the nation for k-12 education in regards to the amount of money it puts into education and how well its students perform.  While I am fully aware that lack of educational funding is not the only reason that many of our students are not performing well, I do believe it is one variable that we can control.  Arizona needs to make education more of a priority. A lot of people are probably not aware that there are public school districts in our state that start out fully qualified teachers with a base salary of $31,000 per year!  When I was teaching k-12, I knew excellent teachers who stated they loved teaching but had to leave the profession because they could not afford to stay in it. I attribute this to lawmakers not putting the needed funding from the state budget into our educational system. Increasing teacher salaries will provide teachers with a decent standard of living, attract more teachers to fill the teacher shortage we have in our state, and decrease the teacher turnover rate. Additional funding from the state budget earmarked for higher teaching salaries and the classroom are two ways to create a better educational system in our state that will benefit our students, our teachers, and our state in the long run.

I support school choice.  Parents, not the government, know their children best and should be the ones to make educational choices for them.


I will do whatever I can to support our military and take care of our veterans.
I support our military 100% and feel proud to live in the district that has Luke Air Force Base, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, and the Army Yuma Proving Ground. One particular item I am interested in taking up, if elected, is veterans with disabilities and their dependents’ college tuition. I would like to write a bill that would allow dependents of veterans with military-related disabilities to have all tuition costs waived at public colleges and universities in our state. This is just one small token of appreciation that we can show our veterans.

In addition to supporting our military personnel because of what they do or have done for us, I recognize and appreciate the fact that having military bases in our communities is a major economic benefit!

Freedom is not free; we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms we have without our military.

Second Amendment

As a proud member of the NRA and supporter of the US Constitution, I cherish the Second Amendment. The US Constitution makes it very clear that citizens have the right to keep and bear arms:

“…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Public Safety

First responders play a critical role in society and are very important.  They need to be paid adequately and have access to all the necessary resources to do their jobs effectively.

Secured Borders

Protecting our borders is vital to homeland security.

Colorado River

I understand the importance of water for our state. We need it for domestic and irrigation purposes, and we need to make certain we have enough of it to take care of our agricultural industry. It’s an important resource that is vital to our economy.

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